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Preview: 24 February, 12.00 - 22.00h

Exhibition dates: 24 - 27 February 2022

Art 3035 Gallery is pleased to participate to the sixth edition of UVNT, with an exhibition showcasing a series of new paintings by artist Hugo Rocci (Avignon, FR 1989).


Rocci’s work focuses on everyday objects and spaces, investigating their social, symbolic and sometimes bizarre meanings.The central core of the project is a series of works depicting selected Amsterdam shop facades: through his meticulous observations, Hugo provides a colourful commentary on the interactions between people and the self-constructed environment surrounding them. A shop facade becomes the junction between history and architecture, habits and cultures, long-time residents and newcomers. As a consequence, each artwork is a way of preserving a personal and collective experience. 

The exhibition also presents smaller works capturing ordinary objects, painted with devoted attention. Removing the context of urban landscape Hugo gives them a new consideration, a ‘portrait-like’ importance.

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