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Born in the 80s, UNO currently lives and works in Rome (Italy) His artistic production is characterised by the use of various techniques such as decoupage, collage, the application of stencils and painting with spray cans. Classic tools that belong to Street Art. By assimilating and actualising the ideas of Warhol, Debord and Rotella, UNO provokes the advertising techniques transforming them in a new experience. A regular aspect of UNO’s art is the endless repetition of a detail and the frequent use of bright colours. In one of his projects, he has mutated the logo of a famous chocolate brand, an innocent child’s face. UNO has turned it into an icon of a possible revolution in which the individuality challenges the mass society. A face freed from the role assigned to it by its creator that paradoxically becomes the ideal tool to criticise the advertising practice itself. Reinforcing this message his decoupages with torn paper and stencil-collages, remind us about the individual and his uniqueness, which are manipulated until they are lost in the multiplicity of society. 


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