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Raul (Pescara, Italy 1980) lives and works between Milan and London. Gesture is the key element of his work. Through a mysterious and abstract style, the artist shares his experiences. Raul’s recognisable symbology is rooted in a deep fascination for music, art and social relationships. The first show was Wynwood at Gallery 212 in Miami, USA (2011) and one year later Hood Portraits opened at Cesare Manzo Gallery in Pescara, Italy. His exhibitions are numerous throughout the world. Recently he has participated in exhibitions such as One, Two, Andy at Artrust, Melano, Switzerland (2019); Into the Pink, Artrust – Melano Switzerland (2019); Enigmatic Dreams at One Grand Gallery, Portland, USA (2018); The Lost Warhols at The Untitled Space, New York, USA (2018); Nomadic Signs at One Contemporary Venice, Italy (2018); Atlantis at Museo Gipsoteca Giudici, Lugano, Switzerland (2017); Street Art 2, Artrust, Melano, Switzerland (2018);  Urban La at Metropolis, Los Angeles, USA (2017).

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