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Private view: 13 December 2019
Exhibition dates: 13 December 2019 - 15 January 2020
Exhibition curated by Jacopo Gonzales


Art 3035 Gallery is pleased to present Keith Haring: Public Toilet. Lithographs from the legendary Lucio Amelio Portfolio.
In 1983 Keith Haring is invited to Naples by the gallerist Lucio Amelio. Together they bring to life an exhibition and a limited series of lithographs that later will become a rarity for collectors, a work that focuses on the artist’s main themes: sexuality and politics.
Few years later, in 1989, the artist paints the walls of a public men’s toilet in New York, executing what looks like a visionary evolution of the characters and drawings from the Neapolitan series. The artwork titled Once upon a time is still visitable in the LGBT Community Center and is one of Haring’s most significative works, the last mural painting before his death of AIDS few months later. ART 3035 Gallery pays homage to this matchless artist of pop and street art with an exhibition that celebrates these two moments in his career that visually have a strong and unexpected link. In Amsterdam, the black and white of the lithographs from the series and the silver chrome design of the set-up play with the elements of the graffiti in the toilet, for an ironic journey into freedom of expression, an anthem of sexual liberation, the celebration of a prophetic imagination and its love for the wildest environments.

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