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Was born in 1958, in Reading, Pennsylvania U.S.A. After a brief period studying at the Ivy School of Art in Pittsburgh, Haring moved to New York City in 1978 to attend the School of Visual Arts. With fellow artists Kenny Scharf and Jean-Micheal Basquiat, Haring immersed himself in the punk clubs and Street Art scene of New York. In 1981 he began drawing graffiti, unauthorised chalk drawings on blank black advertising panels, in the New York subways. These would eventually number in the thousands, and they quickly created a K. Haring popular following for his lively figural and patterned imagery and his cheekily outlaw activity. Haring shared few of the “tagging” tactics of urban graffitis, being drawn instead to the possibilities of a new public and vernacular kind of signage. He began making large outdoor murals, eventually executing them in Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Melbourne, Chicago, Atlanta, and elsewhere. Haring’s ebullient personality, infectious sense of play, and universally understood hieroglyphic style brought him attention from the mainstream press and transferred easily into his work in music videos and fashion design. In 1986 Haring opened a store called The Pop Shop in New York City, where he marketed products that ranged from T-shirts and pin-on buttons to original prints. He opened a Tokyo branch of the shop in 1988. Haring was socially conscious, and his murals often reflected his position on social issues. He sought to raise awareness of AIDS and fought against the proliferation of illegal drugs. He died of complications of AIDS at age 31. Since his death, Haring has been the subject of several international retrospectives.


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