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Hugo Rocci (Avignon, FR 1989) lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam.


Rocci’s practise spans diverse media, including painting, ceramic and installation. He draws inspiration from everyday objects and spaces, abstracting them in a way that seems both familiar and enigmatic. Simultaneously, his work investigates the connection and contradiction between image, language, symbol and social space.


Jong Talent, Mondriaan Fonds (Amsterdam 2018-19). Recently he has participated in exhibitions such as L21 takes over Tilde, with Fatima de Juan, Amsterdam (NL) 2021; By Invitation Only, Logman Gallery, Utrecht (NL) 2020; Unfair20, Amsterdam (NL) 2020; Fruits & Vegetables, XAOXAX, Praha (CR) 2020;  Prospects & Concepts , Art Rotterdam (NL) 2020; Back in 5 minutes, Patty Morgan, Amsterdam (NL) 2019; Red coconut isn’t sunset exhibition, Lab111 Gallery, Amsterdam (NL) 2018; York Boulevard, exhibition and release at Fanfare, Amsterdam (NL) 2018; Somewhere down the line, curated by Vanessa Kowalski, NARS Foundation, New York City (USA) 2018; Summer Show, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (NL) 2017; Contribution to Prints in Paris 1900 for Fanfare, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (NL) 2017; Bring Your Own Beamer, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL) 2016; Best of Graduates, Gallery Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL) 2015;

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