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Urvanity Art 2021

Albert Pinya | Urvanity Art | Booth 14

27 - 30 May 2021

COAM - Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid

Calle de Hortaleza 63, Madrid

Preview: Thursday 27th May, 12.00 - 22.00h

ART 3035 Gallery is pleased to announce its participation to the fifth edition of Urvanity Art, with an exhibition showcasing recent artworks by Albert Pinya and a series of ceramics created in collaboration with Català Roig.


This monographic show displays artworks conceived throughout Albert’s career: works on paper and canvases from the project Panta Rei. Hacia un nuevo paradigma (2018). It is inspired by Heraclitus’ concept “Everything flows” and leads to the creation of a powerful composition. The works feature dynamic patterns and flashes spectral colour, evoking the contemporary society and its contradictions. The sometimes dreamy, more translucent moments are contrasted by matte patches, as seen in Vanitas con sarampioěn.


Sono un pazzo che legge (2019), a meaningful piece in Albert’s production marks a transition point in his artistic practice: from a complex and enigmatic vocabulary to a narrative style that explores oscillations between interior and exterior, nature and artifice. The artwork anticipates the body of works Hibridaciones (2019), resulted from a residency program in Beijing. The project is a dialogue with contemporary Chinese artists and investigates the urgency of being intercultural.


A versatile production of ceramics (2021), made in collaboration with the ceramist Català Roig (Palma 1973), is shown for the first time in Madrid. The artworks echo the fruitful collaboration between Joan Miró and Josep Llorens i Artigas. Thanks to the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary expressions, this creative alliance has given birth to a new artistic vision.

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