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Everything starts somewhere a group show featuring artworks by

Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Laurina Paperina, Tony Gallo, Raul 33, Alice Pasquini, Uno 

Private view: 10 May 2019
Exhibition dates: 10 May - 20 July 2019




Art 3035 Gallery is pleased to present its opening exhibition: Everything starts somewhere featuring the works of Banksy, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Laurina Paperina, Tony Gallo, Raul 33, Alice Pasquini, Uno. The exhibition focuses on Street Art infusing the style of Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey and Banksy with emerging artists that continue to offer a life-giving vitality to the Graffiti and Urban Art's world.The exhibition showcases three artworks by Keith Haring created in the eighties: two designs produced for the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1983 and one artwork commissioned by the tobacco brand Lucky Strike in 1987. This group of works represents a successful period of the artist’s career: his spontaneus drawings in New York subways became widely recognisable and his work grew to popularity, generating fruitful collaborations. The show also presents Shepard Fairey’s silkscreens, strongly influenced by his interest in music, previously exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow (MMOMA) and “Love rat” by Banksy. First appearing as a stencilled urban piece in the streets of Liverpool and then reproduced as a limited edition of signed prints.


Furthermore, Art 3035 Gallery introduces to the public its represented artists: Iabo, Laurina Paperina and Uno, linked by an irreverent and playful interpretation of the contemporary life with its paradoxes; Alice Pasquini is interested in every day moments that mean for herself the magic of life; Tony Gallo creates an imaginative world that combines anthropomorphic characters and fairy shapes; Raul33 brings our attention to the use of semiotics as language and trace of a personal memory. Iabo and Laurina Paperina are displayed together because of their approach to the Arts: while Iabo proposes an unconventional portrait of Vincent Van Gogh; Laurina Paperina makes fun of the endless competition intrinsic to the Art’s world. Uno presents a work from his “Camouflage” series, a painting that echoes the collage tecnique while transforming the perception of the viewer; Alice Pasquini’s “Haze” artwork, commisioned by Art 3035 Gallery in 2018, represents an intimate insight into feelings experienced by women trough different stages in their lives; Tony Gallo presents a recent work that evokes a  magical imagery while Raul 33 captures the viewer’s attention into his graphic vocabulary.


Everything starts somewhere is a group show that celebrates multiple ages of Street Art and explores techniques linked to collaborations with other languages. Everything starts somewhere is a statement for artists that firstly expressed themselves through the use of urban surfaces and now have conquered a rightful space on galleries and Museums walls.


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