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Preview: 15 October, 17.00 - 21.00h

Exhibition dates: 15 October - 22 December 2021

Extended until 5 February 2022


Art 3035 Gallery is pleased to present Echoes an exhibition showcasing new artworks on paper by Raul. 

Raul (1980 Pescara, Italy) is known for large scale paintings that evoke a secret language.

Among other global influences, the artist’s geometric shapes take inspiration from hieroglyphics, music and graffiti. His artistic practice pays homage to the shared and unifying elements of human existence. Echoes embodies his signature style, infused with rejuvenated vigour and calligraphic flare. His eclectic research of symbols has now blossomed into a body of work in its own right: in Echoes we see Raul push his obsessive exploration into mark making even further.

The exhibition traces the artist’s imagery from his African-inspired masks, started in 2011, until the production of scripts and naïve figures. Owls, warriors, moon-head characters inhabit his composition as expression of a vision, untrammelled by convention. This dreamlike aesthetic is emphasised by the site-specific exhibition’s design: multicoloured works on paper are displayed as a grid, producing an engaging and hypnotic structure. Echoes challenges the boundaries imposed by a framework, celebrating freedom of expression. As a consequence, viewers confront with a new way of experiencing the space.

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