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Core Identity a solo show by IABO

Private view: 12 September 2019
Exhibition dates: 12 September - 12 October 2019
Exhibition and catalogue curated by Luca Beatrice and Ginevra Russo

Art 3035 Gallery is delighted to present Core Identity, an exhibition by artist IABO curated by Luca Beatrice and Ginevra Russo.

​Born in Naples, Iabo (Salvatore Rocco) began his creative career in the early Nineties as a writer. By experimenting with different techniques and testing new materials, he gradually approached the world of the mainstream art. Irreverent and concise, his style is immediately recognisable thanks to the elegance of sharp lines and his re-elaboration of the reality. Also the Core Identity cycle investigates objects, myths and languages of contemporary life. The exhibition conceives a world where the consumer society is addicted to products originally born with a different aim, the institutions falter and historical brands propose unconventional communication strategies.

As a consequence, famous multinational corporations have to satisfy an increased demand for renewed needs. Therefore, Mc Donald’s sells “Mc Pills” tablets to imitate hamburger meat in boxes containing seven pills, one per each day of the week; Coca Cola transforms into a “Collective Hypnosis” thanks to its appealing design and addictive sweetness; in an era of ridiculous mass consumption Ikea gives to its public the possibility to assemble any product including a coffin; glues such as Super Attack and UHU boost their performance ensuring the opportunity to fix pieces of a collapsing world.

Ranging along from fashion and history to new technologies, the exhibition represents an immersive experience through the advertising world, in which Iabo narrates and transforms its contradictions.




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